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4 Types of Outdoor Signs for New Businesses

Some people who are setting up their first business may find it hard to select the best outdoor signage from the huge variety available due to the limited information available on the subject. This article discusses some of the readily available signs that you should consider acquiring for your new business.

Painted Glass

You can use the glass front of your business premises as signage for that business. Sign writers can paint the glass so that your logo and company colours are displayed for potential customers to view. The advantage of this type of signage is that it can be affordable unless high-end paints are selected or if your logo or graphics are complicated to design. The affordability stems from the fact that your premises already have the surface onto which the signs will be painted. The downside of painted glass signage is that the sun's glare may reduce the effectiveness of your signage during certain hours of the day.

Rock Signs

You can also use stone or other rock materials to make signs for your new business. Such signs are usually made off site before being transported to the location for installation. Rock signs are usually heavy and permanent once installed. They are capable of withstanding all weather conditions, so they are very durable. However, these signs may not be suitable for premises where outdoor space is limited. Furthermore, the signage usually has a high upfront cost that may be beyond the budgets of new businesses.

Awning Signs

Awning signs are another cost-effective way to publicise your business while attaining additional benefits, such as giving clients shelter and making your premises more energy-efficient. Awning signs vary in cost depending on their size, the type of fabric selected and the hardware that you want to use to hang up the awning. These signs tend to be durable due to their all-weather design. The possible downside of awning signs is that some municipal codes may restrict the locations where they can be used.

Metal Sign Bands

Metal sign bands are durable and strong. They are also suitable for a wide range of locations, such as on exterior walls and on suspended frames. The cost of the signage depends on the design selected. For instance, you may spend more for a sign whose letters are individually cut into the metal in comparison to another person who opts for letters to be painted onto the signboard. Prepare to do some maintenance work, such as repainting, every few years in order to retain the attractiveness of that sign.

Address any concerns that you may have about the options above to a sign writer. He or she will suggest how to address those concerns in a cost-effective way. That expert may also suggest other options, such as digital signage for your business.