Culture, Art and Colour in Signs

How to Choose the Best Materials to Get Maximum Marketing Impact

When you consider that you really only get one opportunity to create an awesome, first impression, you have to pay particular attention to your organisation's branding. If you are to market your business properly, you have to get people talking about it, and the way that you choose to display your branding is all-important. What's the best modality when it comes to versatility and impact, so that you can get those tongues wagging?

Consider the Foam Board

Many experts advocate that foam board signage is the best all-round solution for proactive and impressive exposure. They perform well in a variety of different environments and should definitely be on the list when it comes to choosing your solution.


Firstly, PVC foam boards are very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. As a consequence, they won't cost you a great deal of money to transport from one place to another, whether you are exhibiting at a tradeshow or distributing boards to various customers. Some people need to move from market to market to sell their wares and these lightweight options are highly versatile.

Signs made from foam boards are quite easy to attach to other structures, as they will accept removable adhesives very well. You may not have a permanent display option to transport with you, so in this case you can just carry small adhesive tags and easily fasten the board directly to a wall.

Cost Efficiency

If you're looking for affordability, look no further than the PVC foam board. They are quite a bit cheaper than other branding solutions and you can budget to get a variety of them produced with different types of message, should this be better for your approach.

Fantastic Appearance

Always ensure that your logo or message is professionally designed to start off with. You will then be able to transfer it to the PVC sign, which can accept a variety of different colours, tints and shades very well. This will make your message stand out from the competition at those all-important conferences and trade shows.

Did you know that you can print all the way to the edge of a PVC foam board, as well? This means that you can include even the most complex imagery in the background, enabling you to really underline your logo or message.

Determining Your Need

Very few branding solutions are as versatile as the foam board sign, which come in a variety of different sizes. Have a chat with your printing supplier to see what would best suit your needs.