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Two Things To Discuss With Your Signage Supplier if You’re Hosting an Outdoor Event

If you're organising an outdoor event, here are two things you'll need to discuss with your event signage supplier.

The forecast

You'll need to let the signage supplier know what the forecast is like on the day of your event. The reason for this is that the weather that's expected to occur will influence the type of signage you'll need.

For example, if it's expected to be a dry day, then you should be able to use signs printed on some card, rather than on waterproof materials like vinyl or PVC. This could potentially be less expensive. In contrast, if it's supposed to rain, the signage supplier may need to use waterproof materials, to ensure the ink doesn't smudge and that the signs don't collapse or warp when they get wet.

Additionally, if it's going to be quite a windy day, the signage supplier may need to go to greater lengths than usual to anchor down any freestanding signs, to ensure the wind doesn't blow them away. Lastly, if you tell the signage supplier that it's going to be a very bright, sunny day, they might advise you to use matte, rather than glossy sign materials as glossy ones might be hard to read when the bright sun reflects off them.

The setting

You'll also need to discuss the setting of your event with the supplier. For example, if you're hosting it at a beach and need some freestanding signs, the supplier might need to use heavier weights to keep these signs stable when they're on the soft sand. If you're having the event in a park and want to hang a sign between two trees, the supplier might need some photos of these trees so they can work out what type of ropes or strings the signs will need to have (so they can attach them to the trees' branches or their trunks). They may also decide to use lightweight sign materials if the images of the trees suggest that their branches are quite thin and fragile.

If you're hosting it in a garden, they might ask you to talk about or show them photos of its flowers, as this could help them to determine what colours the signage should have so that it complements the garden's natural hues. As such, it could be helpful to save some photos of the setting on your phone before you have your meeting with the supplier.