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Is Your Retail Business Hiding in the Dark?

If you run a retail operation in an urban environment, you know just how competitive things can be. You'll want to try and keep in front of your competitors as much as possible and consider any new ideas that persuade your prospects to step into your store versus another. Yet you may be missing a trick when you operate during the hours of darkness. You could be leaving a lot on the table due to your visibility, so what should you be focusing on here?

Long Nights

When the weather is at its coldest in June and July, you have to deal with long nights and short days. This means that you could well be trading through the hours of darkness at the same time as many of your prospects decide to go shopping. If your store does not stand out as much as it should, people may just wander past and be attracted by your neighbour instead. If the next-door shop has sophisticated and well-placed signage outside, you will, quite literally, be in their shadow.

Hiding in Those Shadows

Carefully designed and welcoming signage is not only a beacon to a business, but it can also generate a subtle subliminal message. Subconsciously, prospects will see such a business as well maintained, welcoming and reputable and be much more inclined to step across the threshold. Conversely, those dimly lit businesses that do not have any signage and may not appear welcoming will certainly lose out. After all, people may be looking for an excuse to enter when the weather conditions outside are inclement.

Developing Your Signage Strategy

So, come up with a brand-new outdoor branding strategy right away. If needed, work with a designer but focus on outdoor fluorescent, neon or LED signage. Make sure that you place these signs strategically so that they can be seen by approaching prospects at a distance. In other words, you may need to install them so that they are set at an angle and not fully flush with the front of the property. And remember, you need to have a strategic approach and may need to install several different types of signage, from channel letters and lightboxes to billboards and pole signs.

Time for Installation

Once you've decided how you are going to proceed, talk with a signage expert for their advice. They will help you get everything set up, so you can finally shine a light on your greatness. 

Contact a sign installation company for more information.