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Two Tips to Follow When Ordering Shop Signs From a Signage Company

Are you in need of signs for your business? Here are two tips to follow when ordering shop signs from a signage company.

Tell them straight away which of the signs will be used as part of your shop's window displays 

If you're having a signage company make signs for your shop that you'll be using as part of your window displays, then you should share this fact with them during the very first consultation you have with their employees. The reason for this is that whilst outdoor signage is almost always produced with lightfast inks, that can prevent ultraviolet light from making the sign colours fade, indoor ones are not always made with these inks, as they're not always necessary in indoor settings where there isn't that much UV light and because they can cost more than pigments that don't have this characteristic.

However, if your indoor shop signs are going to be displayed in your windows on a regular basis, then they will get lots of UV light exposure, even though they are technically inside. If you mention this during the first conversation you have with the staff at the signage company, rather than after they have already begun to make the signs, not only will the estimate they give you be more accurate but you also won't end up having to halt a signage order that is already underway and ask them to remake it with lightfast inks.

Tell them about the type of setting your shop premises are located in

When consulting with the signage company, you should also discuss the type of setting your shop premises are located in. This will help them to make the right signage-related recommendations. For example, if your shop is located in a place where it rains a lot and you anticipate that your customers will probably track mud from their shoes into your shop, and then splatter low-hanging signs with mud as they're walking around, then you should explain this to the signage company.

They might, for example, recommend that you have your low-hanging shop signs made with plastic instead of cardstock, as you could use damp cloths to wipe mud splatters off the former without damaging it in the way that you would if you did the same to the latter (as cardstock will deteriorate and lose its rigidity if routinely exposed to water).

Similarly, if your shop is located in a place with high humidity levels and you want to order some indoor metal signs, the signage company may then use metal for this project that won't corrode when exposed to moisture and so will not be damaged by the humidity in the shop.

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