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Encourage Safe Parking With School Signs

One of the biggest problems for many schools is that parents need to drop off children close to the school gates. This can lead to illegal parking, conjestion and safety hazards. School signs, designed to define where it is safe and legal to park, could be the answer even if there are signs or markings already on the road. Very often parents are in a rush and they may take the markings on the road for granted. However, when you point out that they could be causing a danger to schoolchildren by parking in certain spots they may be more likely to think about their actions. 

School Signs Designed To Your Specification

You can choose to have your school signs designed and created in your school colours or any design of your choosing. You may want to mirror traditional parking signs, or you may want to add a fun twist to your school signs. One of the most impactful ways of displaying parking school signs is to have them created using a cartoon or real image of a child. Many schools use lifesize images of children holding "no parking" signs and to very good effect. 

School Signs To Suit Your Budget

Of course, while safety is a top concern for any school, budgets are often very limited. For this reason you may need to choose school signs in basic designs or of a smaller size. If you can find a company offering a wide range of formats or custom design options you should be able to work with them to find a school sign that best suits your budget. 

Lightweight School Signs

You will need to move your parking school signs around regularly. For example, you may not be permitted to have them situated outside or near your school over the weekends or after school hours. Choose lightweight school signs that are heavy enough to stay put, but which are light enough to carry a relatively short distance. 

Make Them Stand Out

Working closely with your school signs designer you should be able to come up with a sign design that leaves parents in no doubt where they can and cannot park. If your regular reminders about parking are falling on deaf ears, school signs could be the ideal solution to the problem. Create a safer environment for your children by ensuring vehicles no longer pose a risk for pupils or parents outside your school.