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Creating Attention-Grabbing Content for Your Digital LED Signs

Undoubtedly, digital LED signs have steadily started to take over the signage industry as more and more business people are looking for modern options to attract potential consumers. And since these digital LED signs can be utilised both indoors and outdoors, they offer a versatile solution for all your signage needs. Nonetheless, having LED signs does not negate the importance of messaging. If you are not displaying content that will inform and attract customers, then it will be just as if you had no signs in the first place. While LED signs do provide you with the added advantage of visual effects and flashing lights, you still need to focus on content creation. This article looks at a few of the ways that you can create attention-grabbing content for your digital LED signs.

Observe the three-second rule

The first consideration when generating content for your LED signs is ensuring that the message can be read in the shortest time possible. A misconception some business owners may have is that passersby will stop and read their sign once it catches their attention. The reality is that most people on the move will only cast a glance at your sign. Therefore, the message should be driven home with that one glance. The golden rule to achieving this is ensuring your message can be read and processed in as little as three seconds. Thus, whether it is a promotion you are advertising, new stock or even a sale, make sure you communicate this in as few words as possible.

Invest in graphic design

Most digital LED signs come with built-in, user-friendly graphics that will allow you to play around with the appearance of your signage. However, while this may seem convenient, you may want to invest in professional graphic design services. The great thing about employing a graphic designer for your sign is that you can be assured that the imagery they use will not only complement your messaging but will also ensure that it will not detract from what you are trying to communicate. Hence, your signage will not be overpowered by the graphics but instead will have crisp and clear content.

Train passersby to seek out your signage

A little-known mistake that business owners make once they have their digital LED signs up is that they overlook changing the messaging. The problem with this oversight is that people who routinely walk past your premises will start to tune out the signage, since all they see is the same thing on a daily basis. To train people to look out for your signs, ensure that you update the content on a regular basis with interesting messaging that will keep them engaged.