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Benefits of Using Custom Rubber Stamps for Homeschool Scheduling

As you begin to create and bring together your homeschool curriculum for the year, scheduling will become vital. Many homeschool educators tend to use both a digital and a written form of scheduling. This allows them to schedule lesson plans, projects, co-op meetings and field trips easily. The problem is that some of these tasks are repetitive. This is one of the reasons people turn to custom rubber stamps. If you haven't thought about using this type of stamp for your homeschool scheduling, here are a few benefits to think over.

Time Management

One of the main benefits of using custom rubber stamps is improved time management. When you are writing down or typing in your schedule, you will spend a lot of time on the same repetitive tasks. This is especially true when you are writing down the scheduled tasks instead of just going fully digital. The stamps allow you to note the scheduling information quickly. This means you can cut your time in half or more, especially when you are scheduling for an entire year.

Uncommon Symbols

One thing that many homeschool educators have in common with scheduling is the use of uncommon symbols. These symbols may be a temple for church or other religious activity. They can also be symbols of leaves that represent nature walks. Though these are common with your homeschool scheduling, they are not always easy to find in premade stamps in most stores. You need something smaller that can fit into the scheduling block you have. This is where a custom rubber stamp would be ideal, since you can choose the symbol as well as the size of the stamp itself. 

Customized Phrasing

Some phrases for homeschool are not always ones that are common when it comes to rubber stamps or even stickers. For example, you may have a common phrase in scheduling like language arts. If you use certain forms of curricula, like Waldorf, you may have 'morning circle' or 'snack time' as customised phrases. Though these are common phrases to you, they are not so common in the stamp world. You can have customised rubber stamps made for these phrases, in the size you need and with different symbols or other additions to fit your curriculum and schedule. 

When you are ready to order rubber stamps, start with your list of needs. Write down the phrases or images that you use often. Use this list as a way to build the custom options you need for your order. A rubber stamp creator can help you make your stamps and get the options you need for your homeschooling and other scheduling needs.