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A Simple Guide to Hiring Custom T-Shirt Printing Services

If you are looking for custom t-shirt printing services and don't know where to start, you are in the right place. This article gives you a clear and straightforward guide:

Why and What Do You Want to Print On Your T-Shirt?

This is the first step; it allows you to determine the services you require. You might either have commercial needs or personal ones.

Commercial needs mainly revolve around advertising and identity, where you print a particular company's logo and have your employees or other individuals wear them.

Personal needs may include printing a t-shirt with an image or message that inspires you. When you determine what you want to print on your t-shirt, you can move to the next step.

Looking for A Custom T-Shirt Printing Company

An internet search can reveal several custom t-shirt printing companies near you. Consider these factors when making your choice:

  • Your locality

It is always recommended to choose a company near you so that the entire printing service is made easy and cheaper. It also allows you to visit the custom t-shirt printing company to get first-hand feedback on the quality of work you may expect. If there is no company in your locality, you can choose the nearest, but ask for a sample first before fully committing.

  • Types of t-shirts you want (including design, colour and size)

You, of course, need plain t-shirts of a particular colour. Does the company you choose have the type of t-shirts you want (These can be slim fits, long sleeve, short sleeve, hooded, etc.)? Are they available in the different sizes you need?

  • Cost

Which company has the most competitive prices? What is the quality of the t-shirts and print work? Is there an offer on bulk printing? Is there free delivery? The answers to these questions help you determine whether you are getting a good deal.

The factors above show you that you need to check out the websites of different companies and also contact them.

What Might You Find On Custom T-Shirt Printing Company Websites?

There are two things you may come across:

  • A company that requires you to contact them first so that you can discuss your needs and send them images or texts to print.
  • A company that has an online system where you first choose the type of t-shirt you want, which then directs you to a page where you are expected to design the image or text and paste it on the t-shirt (you have the option to upload the image or text). The company will look at your design and get back to you to discuss and clarify your needs.

For more information on custom t-shirt printing, reach out to a printing company near you.