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3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid During Business Sign Installation

If it's designed and installed correctly, a sign can deliver important business communication to the target audience. Sadly, errors in the installation process usually compromise the effectiveness of business signage, preventing businesses from maximising the value of their investment.

If you're considering an outdoor sign installation project for your business, here are 3 common mistakes to avoid.

1. Poor Location Choice 

Outdoor business signage is meant to be seen. If it is not installed in a location that maximises its visibility, then it won't serve its purpose of conveying your message to the intended recipients. Think about which direction the sun is facing. Make sure sunlight isn't going to affect the readability of your sign, as it bounces off the surfaces of the signs.

Avoid installing exterior business signs in the path of visual obstructions such as large trees, traffic lights, and other buildings. People walking or driving by probably won't see them clearly, and this will affect the effectiveness of the signs.

It's also important to ensure your outdoor signs are installed within the proper viewing distance. Signs that are installed too far for people to see with the naked eye won't serve their purpose. 

2. Poor Illumination of Signs

When it starts to get dark, you don't want your outdoor signs to become invisible. If you'll be illuminating your signs with LED lighting or other types of lighting to boost nighttime visibility, make sure the lighting is optimised for easy viewing. 

Poorly illuminated signs can't be seen at night, be it due to too much light or too little of it.

3. Flouting Sign Installation Regulations

Depending on the state and territory you operate your business, there may be local jurisdiction on where and how to install outdoor business signage. Ignoring the rules, whether intentionally or unintentionally, may result in an order to remove a sign and/or to pay a fine for breaking the rules.

It's important to check with your municipal council as well as the local business community before installing any business sign outside. You should always stay compliant with the laws in every aspect of your business operations and activities, including sign installation.

Even if your outdoor signs are properly designed, they can only be fully effective at communicating your message to potential and existing customers when they're installed correctly. The best way to avoid the above highlighted and other costly sign installation mistakes is to enlist the services of a professional sign installer.

To learn more, contact a sign installation team.