How to Choose the Best Materials to Get Maximum Marketing Impact

When you consider that you really only get one opportunity to create an awesome, first impression, you have to pay particular attention to your organisation's branding. If you are to market your business properly, you have to get people talking about it, and the way that you choose to display your branding is all-important. What's the best modality when it comes to versatility and impact, so that you can get those tongues wagging? [Read More]

Children's Sports Days: Should Everyone Get a Medal Just for Participating?

If you've been handed the task of organising a children's sports day for a school or community group, there is a certain question that might arise. Should everyone get a medal simply for participating? The matter is certainly open to some debate. Does a blanket acknowledgement devalue the achievements of the individual or team who actually won? Does an acknowledgement of participation even have any benefit? There are a few points that need to be considered. [Read More]

A Quickfire Guide to Creating Accessible Signs for Your Small Business

In any small business, branding is crucial. Creating the logos and other materials that will represent your business to the world can be a fun and exciting project and a chance to get your creative juices flowing; however, proceed with caution. While the temptation is certainly there to 'think outside the box' in creating eye-catching signs which will help you to stand out from the crowd, there are fundamental principles of sign design which must not be overlooked. [Read More]

Shine Bright: Making Your Business Stand Out

There are many factors that combine to affect footfall into a business.  The actual location of your business, its accessibility, its parking facilities and a whole host of other things may contribute to a low footfall.  Equally, though, it could simply be that passersby don't notice your business.  However great your storefront looks, and however good the business looks once a customer crosses the threshold, it still won't necessarily guarantee that potential visitors will look up and take notice as they walk by. [Read More]