Shine Bright: Making Your Business Stand Out

There are many factors that combine to affect footfall into a business.  The actual location of your business, its accessibility, its parking facilities and a whole host of other things may contribute to a low footfall.  Equally, though, it could simply be that passersby don't notice your business.  However great your storefront looks, and however good the business looks once a customer crosses the threshold, it still won't necessarily guarantee that potential visitors will look up and take notice as they walk by. [Read More]

4 Types of Outdoor Signs for New Businesses

Some people who are setting up their first business may find it hard to select the best outdoor signage from the huge variety available due to the limited information available on the subject. This article discusses some of the readily available signs that you should consider acquiring for your new business. Painted Glass You can use the glass front of your business premises as signage for that business. Sign writers can paint the glass so that your logo and company colours are displayed for potential customers to view. [Read More]

Make Your Business Sign More Visible With These Six Fun Tips

The sign above your business sets the tone for your brand, welcomes people to your shop and most importantly, heralds the presence of your store. Increasing the visibility of your sign can have a direct impact on your business. Want to get visible? Check out these six fun tips: 1. Increase the size of your font Obviously, the larger your letters are, the more visible your sign will be. As a general rule of thumb, every 2. [Read More]